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Brain Boost Functional Mushroom Coffee

Brain Boost Functional Mushroom Coffee

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A mushroom coffee that is different. Unlike mushroom coffee products that are powder based and meant to be mixed in with your drink ours takes the work out of it. This mushroom coffee is a medium roast ground coffee not a powder or instant coffee mix. This will allow you to brew your coffee in your preferred brewing method whether it be hot or cold and still enjoying the benefits of both coffee and mushrooms. 

Lions Mane: These mushrooms are well-known for their ability to positively influence brain health and focus thanks to their neurotrophic properties.

Reishi: This fungus has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine, believed to promote overall health and longevity.

Cordyceps: The data show that cordyceps mushrooms may have positive impacts on respiratory health, a variety of cancers, blood sugar regulation, kidney disease, and overall bodily inflammation.

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